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Monday, September 26, 2016

Old Movie Clip Talks About Nanotechnology in the Brain and Electromagnetic Communication

See the movie clip below, it is quite obvious they had this planned a long time ago, just like the internet, which Arthur C. Clarke talks about in this old clip from 1974.

For other posts on this topic, see here. For ethical considerations, see here and here. See here for more about the DARPA tracking Grid, which is from released documents from the United States military and intelligence. The DARPA tracking grid also uses smart dust and nanotechnology.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

MUST WATCH: Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Grand Inquisitor and its Relevance to Today

See here, here, here, here, here and here for previous posts on the gospels and their relevance for today. Below you will see two different presentations of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Grand Inquisitor from his famous book 'The Brothers Karamazov.' I suggest you watch both of them. Here is the full online text of the chapter if you would like to read it. Here is an audio of the full text that you can download if you would rather listen to it.

Besides what I am saying here about political revolution, the Grand Inquisitor story offers us just as much relevance for today, because of how phony the Catholic Church has become. (See here, here and here.) The Grand Inquisitor could literally be the Pope of today.

The Grand Inquisitor - John Gielgud

The Grand Inquisitor Monologue Part 1

The Grand Inquisitor part 2

The Grand Inquisitor part 3

Shakespeare On Christian And Jew: An Essay On The Merchant of Venice

Did you know that at one time, some of the so-called Jews were pressing to have the Merchant of Venice banned in Elementary and High Schools in New York? One wonders why --- honestly, it really isn't that bad.

That being said, here's a decent essay on the Merchant of Venice from Shakespeare. What this essay shows is the difference between the worldview of the Jew and the Christian and its relation to politics.

Read it here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Future Jewish Messiah

Below is an MP3 lecture to download and listen to about Messianism in Judaism. One might want to consider the information in the lecture along with what is written here, here, here and here.

It should also be remembered that we are entering into a time of great technological upheaval. In Old Testament terms, this would be seen as idol worship as it is disturbing nature and the planet, it is also altering human nature and would be seen as worshipping "things made with the hands." The Tetragrammaton is related to the Golden Mean and we are engaging in the disruption of proportion.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Jews Selling Blacks - The Little Known or Talked About History of Jewish Involvement in the Slave Trade

Besides the book below, to see previous posts on the relationship between Judaism and slavery, see here, here, here and here. After you see the historical connections between Judaism and slavery, it's certainly not much of a leap of the imagination to go to political slavery being implemented through Transhumanism. See here for the connections between Judaism and Transhumanism, see here, here and here for the connections between Transhumanism and political control,  see here and here for the connections between Judaism and eugenics.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Two Interesting Books on Judaism

The point of my numerous posts is for one purpose only. We often hear the words preached to us to "coexist" with other belief systems, and yet, certainly in Canada and the United States, we hear very little about the true nature of Judaism and where it comes from. Here is your chance to learn more about it for yourself.

As I said here and here, it doesn't matter if you are Christian or secular, the purpose is to learn more about Judaism. We often hear that "Jesus was a Jew," and yet, very few people know why Jesus was put to death by the Pharisees and Rome. Certainly, very few people question if he was a Jew like the Pharisees. Most people do not know that almost all of the Jews of today come from the Pharisees and the Talmud. In other words, the Pharisees are the foundation of modern day Rabbinical Judaism.

Everyone should know that one of the major reasons for the persecution of Jesus by the Pharisees was his defiance of them. Most people do not understand that the beginnings of our secular society and our ideas of tolerance grew out of Christianity. From natural law and natural right theorists going back to Thomas Aquinas to the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. These philosophers and thinkers derived their ideology from the idea that you were unique and that you were made in the image of God.

The one idea that anyone should take from the gospels (Christian, Secular or Atheist,) is the same message one should take from Socrates. Jesus and Socrates were both disrupters of power, they both defied the powers of this world.

Now, besides reading the books below, you can see other informative posts on the topic of Judaism here. To see more books about Jewish identity and how Judaism is a group evolutionary strategy, go here. To learn more about the Talmud, one of Judaism's most sacred books, go here.

Click on the links below to
 download the books

Judaism Discovered by Michael Hoffman 

Judaism's Strange Gods by Michael Hoffman

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

NSA Silent on Spies’ Child Porn Problem

Forward Note: As I said before, this is why you cannot trust government spy institutions and the police who work with them. See here and here for more connections to mind control, pedophilia, human and child trafficking with spy institutions.  Most people do not know that one of the ways for intelligence officers or anyone else, (a hacker,) to download child porn is to use someone else's computer. They can also use BitTorrents and other Peer-to-Peer File Sharing programs. Many people often download and use these programs for other reasons, but, they can be dangerous because hackers can piggyback on them and download other material onto your computer.

The government’s cyber spying outfit has an ‘unbelievable’ child porn problem. But the NSA can’t—or won’t—say how often it finds such criminal images on its workers’ computers.

By Shane Harris - 05.05.16 10:15 PM ET- The Daily Beast

Two senior U.S. intelligence officials said recently that defense and intelligence employees have an “unbelievable” amount of child pornography on their work computers and devices, and that child porn has been found on the systems of the National Security Agency, the country’s biggest intelligence organization.

But the NSA, which is responsible for keeping tabs on its own computers as well as military and intelligence agency networks, cannot say just how many times employees have been found to possess or share child pornography, or how many times such cases have been referred to law enforcement for investigation and potential criminal prosecution.

An agency spokesperson was unable to provide The Daily Beast with statistics to elaborate on comments by Kemp Ensor, the NSA’s director of security, who said at a public conference in Virginia on April 28 that he had seen child porn on agency systems. Despite the fact that NSA employees know they work inside the most powerful surveillance organization on the planet, it doesn’t stop some from engaging in criminal behavior. “What people do [at work] is amazing,” Ensor said.

His comments were first reported by Nextgov.

“NSA is a professional foreign-intelligence and information-assurance organization with a highly disciplined workforce, serving around the clock in some of the world’s most dangerous areas,” an NSA spokesperson said in a written statement. “We set high professional standards for our personnel and any violations of the law are appropriately reported.”

(Comment from editor: This is laughable because when you know they truth of the NSA essentially they break the law all the time. Like other intelligence agencies, they are pretty much a lawless organization with almost zero oversite.)

But how many? How often? These are questions one might imagine the world’s premiere computer-monitoring agency could answer.

Privately, current and former intelligence officials told The Daily Beast that the NSA does know when employees are downloading, storing, or sharing graphic and illegal images. Downloading, purchasing, and disseminating child pornography is a crime. But NSA is probably not keeping track of the number of times child porn has been found, the current and former officials said—at least not in any form that it’s willing to release publicly.

If that’s the case, it’s not because defense and security officials have failed to raise red flags. Six years ago, the Pentagon released more than 90 pages from an investigation called Operation Flicker, which revealed that members of the military and defense contractors had allegedly purchased child porn on their government computers. One contractor with a top-secret security clearance was charged with possession. The contractor worked for the NSA.

So the agency clearly understands, even if anecdotally or based on the results of outside investigations, that there’s a problem. And the NSA isn’t alone.

“The amount of child porn I see is just unbelievable,” Daniel Payne, the director of the Defense Security Service, said at the same conference where Ensor spoke. The DSS, which is a separate agency from the NSA, conducts background checks on prospective and current government employees. Payne has worked in intelligence and counterintelligence for 34 years, including jobs in the military and at the CIA.

Ensor and Payne’s candid remarks clearly made their employers uncomfortable. Not only did the NSA decline repeated requests to quantify the nature of the problem that Ensor described. The Defense Security Service, when asked the same question, initially provided a boilerplate statement that softened Payne’s alarming comments.

Payne’s “remarks were not Agency specific; rather, he was speaking in terms of the government as a whole,” the statement said. Asked again to provide information that would quantify the nature of that problem, the agency offered a count of its own employees who were found with porn on their work computers: zero.

“The Defense Security Service has found no instances of child pornography on agency computers,” the statement read. “Should a DSS employee be found to have child pornography, the case would be referred to law enforcement for further investigation.”  

Asked for the number of times it had found child porn on the computers of other agencies, such as those where DSS investigators are conducting background checks for security clearance renewals, the agency didn’t provide a number.

“As a part of our mission, DSS conducts security vulnerability assessments of cleared facilities, which includes reviewing the audit records of classified systems,” the agency said in another statement. “Should the review uncover any illegal activity, DSS would inform the facility security staff, and if necessary, ensure the appropriate law enforcement authorities are notified.”

Payne and Ensor weren’t trying to raise awareness about child porn and abuse in government. Rather, they were speaking on a panel about so-called insider threats at intelligence agencies. Since Edward Snowden disclosed highly-classified information about surveillance by the NSA, American intelligence agencies have made detecting the next leaker or spy a top priority.

(Comment from editor:  Edward Snowden is a phony. See here, here and here for more on this.)

To do that, the agencies need to keep tabs not just on what government employees are doing at work, but also at home, Payne and Ensor argued. NSA employees, particularly young ones, leave the agency and then hop online from the privacy of their own home. “That is where were we need to be, that’s where we need to mine,” Ensor said.

The child porn problem came up, spokespersons for both agencies said, in the context of a discussion about the kinds of activities that signal someone could be engaging in criminal behavior, which would immediately make them a potential security threat.

That raised the question of whether the officials were using one form of criminal behavior—the downloading of child pornography—which they couldn’t precisely quantify, to justify the expansion of surveillance of government employees.

But in trying to emphasize one problem—leakers and spies—Payne and Ensor underscored another: the ongoing and persistent downloading of child porn in the workplace. And, perhaps, officials’ willful ignorance of the matter.

Government investigations have found instances in which intelligence officials effectively ignored evidence of employees viewing child porn and potential child abuse. In 2014, McClatchy reported that an inspector general found the National Reconnaissance Office, which runs U.S. spy satellites, had failed to notify authorities when some of its employees and contractors confessed to child molestation and other crimes during lie detector tests, which are administered for security clearance purposes.

“In one instance, one of the agency’s top lawyers told colleagues not to bother reporting confessions by a government contractor of child molestation, viewing child pornography and sexting with a minor, the inquiry by the inspector general for the intelligence community revealed,” according to McClatchy. Two years earlier, the news organization had reported that law enforcement officials weren’t being told about criminal confessions that surfaced in lie detector tests.

In 2011, the Boston Globe reported that the Defense Department had investigated just 3,500 out of 5,200 people who were suspected of downloading child porn. The Pentagon’s inspector general promised an “all-out pursuit” to catch perpetrators, and said his office would review 1,700 potential cases of child pornography possession that had been referred to military investigators four years earlier, but that were never screened, the Globe reported.

Though they apparently didn’t mean to, Payne and Ensor made a valuable point. The problem of child porn in the government workplace, which has been documented time and again, obviously remains unsolved if two senior officials whose job it is to know are still talking about it.